Privacy Policy

William West Designs understands the need for security and privacy and is committed to using every reasonable means to protect its customers. William West Designs has published this Privacy Policy to answer basic questions regarding the policy; if you require more detailed information, please address your question(s) in an email to: All questions will be responded to within 2 working days.

From time to time, certain aspects of our Privacy Policy may be modified. Thus, our Privacy Policy will always be dated; if and when a fundamental change is made in our privacy policy, notification to that effect will be posted on the home page of, and will remain in place for a minimum of one month after the policy change.

William West Designs desires to provide customers with a pleasant, worry free shopping experience. Towards that end, William West Designs uses encryption technologies and secure databases to jealously protect the privacy and security of its customers. William West Designs collects information from customers for the following purposes, and collects only the minimum information required for these purposes: 1)To accurately and safely process credit card transactions 2)To provide updated product information and/or newsletters and bulletins if specifically requested by the customer.

At no time will William West Designs provide customer information to third parties, and at no time will William West Designs send emails or other information to customers without the customer's consent. For example, William West Designs will send newsletters only to customers who request the newsletter, and will provide these customers with a simple and easy method to unsubscribe at their desire.

Access to secure databases and customer information at William West Designs is tightly controlled; only a few certain individuals are allowed access to customer information, and then only as the demands of their work require it.

If you would like any further information regarding William West Designs 's Privacy Policy, please contact us at:

William West Designs, 2721 Chicopee Drive, Atlanta, Georgia 3360