Where the Cool Waters Flow by William West

Where the Cool Waters Flow

"It left me wanting to hear more.

Senior Member/Northern Sounds

I wrote this piece a while back and I filed it away for the day I might do something with it. I came across it again this weekend and decided to take a stab at setting it to orchestra. I have no idea as to what style this is – it has a ‘European Folk Song’ quality about it. The original piano line is still in tack while new melodies and counter melodies fill out the piece.

I was dreading trying to orchestrate the first half because I had no idea as to how to fill it out. After digging in it fell right into place. The second half I thought would be so easy – I was so wrong! That part took a whole lot of work.

It is super short at only 1:43. No development here! Just in and out.


English Horn
French Horn
Tubular Bells
Violins I
Violins II


Instruments complements of the Garritan Personal Orchestra
Sequenced and Recorded on Cakewalk's Sonar 5 Producer Edition Digital Multi-track Recording System
Mastered on Steinberg's Wavelab
January 2005

Copyright 2004
Traddstreet Music, BMI