The Last Embrace by William West

The Last Embrace

"This is SUBLIME!"
-Michael O Caoindealbhain

This song was idea I recorded on the fly about a year and a half ago and am just now getting around to doing something with it. The song features an English Horn.

I had given a name to the piano recording but upon completing the orchestration the name was ill fitting. When I listen to the piece I could “see” all kinds of images and quickly become overwhelmed and at a loss as to how to express them in the form of short name for the song. So it seemed natural to turn to the many talented musicians at the GPO (Garritan Personal Orchestra) Forum for a little help.

The challenge – Name this Tune!

Of the many wonderful ideas, Joe Winiasz (AKA Music Man) came up with the name "The Last Embrace" - a beautiful title that captures the emotions I feel when I hear the finished piece. Thank you so much Joe for your help.


English Horn
French Horn
Violins I
Violins II

Instruments complements of the Garritan Personal Orchestra
Sequenced and Recorded on Cakewalk's Sonar 3 Producer Edition Digital Multi-track Recording SystemMastered on Sony's Soundforge 6 and Steinberg's Wavelab

Special Thanks to Joe Winiasz for naming "The Last Embrace"

Copyright 2004
Traddstreet Music, BMI