Bagatelle for Flute and Piano by William West

"An interesting and thoughtful meditation with intriguing
bursts of energy."

-David Sosnowski

This is a song that almost wasn't. If you don't like to read - thats all you need to know.

A flautist at Johnson Ferry Conservatory of Music offered to play pieces written by my instructors students. The three of us studying composition were challenged to write compositions ofr the flute and piano. We all accepted the challenge and will showcase our works in a recital on May 15th.

I spent weeks successfully writing nothing. Then it came down to me having something by Tuesday or pass on this opportunity. As of the Saturday before I still had nothing. What to do? As a last resort I did what has sometimes worked for me in the past. I hit the record button in Sonar, closed my eyes and parayed for something to come to me. Somebody listened and gave me about 7 measures of inspiration....followed by 7 hours of nothing. I gave up and put it to the side.

Monday with my deadline ever closer - panic kicked in. Since inspiration wasn't going to get the job done, I decided I should use my head and work through the problem. Using my "7 measure" sketch, I took those ideas, motifs, progressions etc and expanded and developed them into the finished piece...just in time for Tuesday's Lesson.

Bagatelle for Flute and Piano - Video


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Cristiane Fraser and Dr. Cory Hall perform William West's Bagatelle for Flute and Piano. Recorded live at the St. Petersburg College.




Instruments complements of the Garritan Personal Orchestra
The recording uses the GPO Steinway and Flute played in Finale. The piano part is a bear to play as it is in C# Major.
Mastered on Steinberg's Wavelab
May 2006

Copyright 2004
Traddstreet Music, BMI